Friday, July 20, 2007

Socks like buttah'

A sock is a sock, right? Well sure they come in different colors and lengths, but they're still just a piece of textile that covers one's feet while stuffed in a shoe... right? I used to feel this way. I pretty much had a bunch of white and black socks of varying lenghts for different shoe/pants situations, and a few dress socks. After a few would get holes in them, they were cast aside and replaced with a new "bag" of Hanes premium socks, "Now a 7th pair absolutley free!".

I must now say that I've changed my simple foot cap dogma. One day I found myself before a wall of designer socks, and I'm now a total convert. I asked why anyone would pay more for 3 pairs of socks than they could get for 6 (7th pair free, while supplies last)? Then, the socks touched me. Well I touched them, but it was still a moving experience. I discovered "microfiber", or at least that is what Calvin Klien calls it. It's like a silky smooth layer of butter, without all the grease stains and saturated fat, for your feet. I'm sick of having to take my shoes off at work because my poor dogs get all stuffy. My feet want to breath, they want to feel free, they have rights too ya know.

My little toes were debating the purchase, arguing over monetary cost vs. daily comfort. Then the Big Toe silenced them all, for he was the biggest and sweat the most. It was settled, I decided it was an investment in quality product and superior comfort. My Big Toe agreed.

As we speak my feet are cool and comfortable in a pair of full leather Born shoes (I know, I know, if I can shell out for Born shoes, I shouldn't be wearing cheap Hanes socks in them) and they are breathing fine. How do they do it? I don't know. They still make them in Korea, or some other Asian country where other cheap crap is made. Maybe they are just made by only the finest Koreans... who still can't afford even Hanes socks.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Girls, be creamy.

Just when the internet seems to have run out of possibilities to waste your day, something like comes your way.

If you have a problem with wasting your life on a social networking site, then let this be your time wasting savior.

Not feel well. Get drunk.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

TURBONEGRO must be destroyed!

Mark your calendars:

High Noon Saloon
September 17th

I never really thought I would see the day. This might end up bumping someone off my top 5 concerts of all time.

Look at that High-brid go!

In celebration of Independence day, and the freedoms our forefathers fought for, Al Gore's son, Al Gore III, decided to take a cruise on the San Diego Freeway at 2am... at 100mph!

The Orange County Sheriff's department decided to pull him over to have a word with him, only to smell marijuana pouring out of the windows. A quick search revealed some weed, along with Valium, Vicadin, Xanax, and Adderall. What he didn't seem to have was a prescription for any of these drugs.

Now I really don't care too much about him being arrested for the second time in four years for possession. That doesn't impress me. What really impressed me, was the fact that the car he was speeding over 100mph in, was a Toyota Prius!! Now that's impressive.

What kind of MPG do you have at that speed?