Sunday, July 8, 2007

Look at that High-brid go!

In celebration of Independence day, and the freedoms our forefathers fought for, Al Gore's son, Al Gore III, decided to take a cruise on the San Diego Freeway at 2am... at 100mph!

The Orange County Sheriff's department decided to pull him over to have a word with him, only to smell marijuana pouring out of the windows. A quick search revealed some weed, along with Valium, Vicadin, Xanax, and Adderall. What he didn't seem to have was a prescription for any of these drugs.

Now I really don't care too much about him being arrested for the second time in four years for possession. That doesn't impress me. What really impressed me, was the fact that the car he was speeding over 100mph in, was a Toyota Prius!! Now that's impressive.

What kind of MPG do you have at that speed?


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