Thursday, September 20, 2007

Check your blind spot!

Now I'm not going to claim that driving a motorcycle makes you a better driver.
I still drive my truck like a mad-man in the city, and like grandma on the highway, but when you are on two wheels, you're only option is defensive driving. Period (in case you missed that dot after driving)

It seems that almost every trip with my bike involves avoiding some sort of hazard. Cell phone drivers, placid pedestrians, dumb dogs, tar snakes. But the other day I was coming home from work, cruising down Campus Dr, when all of a sudden the woman driving parallel to me starts veering into MY FUCKING LANE!

The only offense I had was my horn, and I wailed on that sucker like my life, no, my life DID depend on it! I hugged the shoulder of the road and let off the throttle to let her pass. She raised her hand near the rear-view mirror as if to say "whoops, my bad!" and kept on her path into my lane. Never did she swerve back to her side, or give any indication of a quick correcting reaction to my horn. I had no side arm, but boy did I shoot her the bird, and I was doing it as hard as I can!

It just happened that she was taking damn near the same path home as I. All the way to Willy. Maybe she had this thought: "Maybe that graphic designer, weighing 140 lbs. and wearing glasses, is just the one 140 lbs. glasses wearing graphic designer who isn't going to stand for my careless driving any longer? He's still fallowing me. OH GOD, he's still there, right behind me! What is he going to do? WHAT?"

I'll Ctrl+Z yo' ass

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