Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Science of Sleep... and passive aggressive douche bags

I'm late.

Yes I was sleeping in, and decided to watch cartoons the day Science of Sleep made it's mark on the Indie film puddle. Full of clever music and people speaking French, they're just missing their bandannas (berets are not cool... for now). I'm not going to travel further down that route.

I must admit the director's interpretation of the dream world, and it's sometimes minor, sometime quixotic take on life's daily events was fantastic. The stop-motion FX using real materials, rather than CGI, gave the sequences even more authentic weight on the mind. The acting was great, all around. The leads were very convincingly awkward. That Gael Garcia fella plays one fine art geek, Stephane.

But Stephane himself, I cannot stand!

He shot himself in the foot so many times, right up till the end, that he shouldn't have been able to walk up those damn apartment stairs. First acting all cute and shy, then saying something stupid (like penis), then crying in the corner, then blaming the girl for not loving him for being a douche bag, and then that he wouldn't be a douche bag if only she loved him.

Then being so present in the current argument, that he falls asleep!

The movie was pretty much full of fuck ups, who I both loathe and scorn. The ManPig who really does believe "pussy is pussy", which he's obdurately been telling himself after being burned by too many real women in his 20's. The "hotter" of the two female friends, whose personality is so artificial the FDA will soon be demanding her type be removed from your daily diet. She is so unsure of herself, that she will lie about her job, and spray foot powder on your broken hand instead of just saying, "dude, I'm so sorry, we're outta broken hand cream!". Then there's the Mother who lies to her son about a shitty production artist job in order to bring her baby back home. Then again, mom knows best, and this kid still isn't ready to make it in the big world.

The only sane rational person in the film is the girl herself. About the only thing she did wrong was not bring the hammer down when she caught the dude breaking into her house. "But he was bringing her horsie to life. It's cute!" Bullshit. It wasn't really cute earlier when the dude was sniffing through your panty drawer, and pissing in your apple juice.

Creep FLAG. It only takes one.

One could say that the acting was so good, that the characters were played so well, that they hit the nail on the head.

That just takes the fun outta this rant. And either way, I won't sit through it again.

I'm gonna make a paper boat outta my ass.


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