Sunday, December 7, 2008

A steaming pile of Prop 8

The following is an excerpt from my correspondence.

I forgot to mention this, but your hood will be an essential ground zero point for stories on Porp 8. For the many stories for and against Obama that I will no doubt find in the south, must be contrasted by the debacle that has become Prop 8.

More power to all the negros who finally reached their day in the sun, and history owes them, no doubt. But Prop 8 is just another steaming shit pile that America can't ignore.

Lets bring some abstract and hypothetical math to the situation. If the gay population is ten percent of the population as a whole (which I always thought was a low estimate), then you will always be part of a minority. No matter how much the American population increases, you will still only have ten percent who actually carry themselves as openly gay. You can't just pop out a bunch of gay babies to increase the ranks and eventually out vote the rest of the country. Hell, it's hard enough for you to adopt! So unlike the racial minorities in this country, who are gaining ground and becoming the majority, the only option you have is to teach the ever increasing ignorant straight population that you are NOT trying to put your dick in their ass! My own crack-pot theory is that buggery is at the core of their fear, just think of how many men cringe at the thought of a colonoscopy. But that's off topic here, and I could touch more on it in the book.

The point being that you have to fight against the fear that breeds in the religious and isolated straight American. Not an easy task. No, but I do believe you have the advantage of the modern technology that is already chipping away at the old sour-puss religions in this world. For I really feel that is what will bring about its undoing. The spread of information will show the younger generations that the gay population is just as "normal" as the straight.

Let me know what you think of those points. Send word. I'd love to use some of your stories in the book, and think of a crafty pseudonym for yourself that I can use. I'll capture them in person once I arrive there. Can't wait for you to parade my ass around the city.


Predo said...

Ha, I just watched this before reading your blog!!!!

Check it out!

(Cousin Predo)

Predo said...

Well put! I have been involved in this fight for over 20 years, and you put it very well. I simply want the right for my husband to be safe if I die. WOW, what a concept! The thing these religious "Judges" seem to forget is that gay people are the product of straight people!

Oh, and oral sex, child molesting priests, prostitution, divorce and masturbation are also very big sins, well at least they were at one time. Now, they seem to be common place with the church! Hmmmmm...

Dance Machine said...

That was the greatest thing I ever saw!