Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cause beer just makes laundry that much easier!

So last Monday I was starting to run drastically low on socks and underwear. We’re talking on the verge of wardrobe recycling. I am a guy, but I still have a hard time putting on socks that still hold the shape of my foot a week ago.

I don’t want to do laundry. I never want to do laundry. I’d rather shit pennies and make change for $5, than sit in the hot Laundromat folding clothes that are just going to be unfolded and hung up when I get home. I really don’t know why, but it’s like pulling teeth for me. Good thing it’s trumped by my disdain for “man-stink” on my person.

Maybe Sconnie can help me. Yes, yes! $1.50 PBR’s at The Plaza!

I sweet-talked my roommate with the words “$1.50 PBR” and she was convinced instantly.

The plan was simple: I load the truck with our laundry and my bike. She rides her bike to Laundry 101 where we meet up. We start our laundry and then bike to The Plaza.

The Plaza was sort of dead, but it was 8pm on a Monday. The PBR’s were cold, refreshing, and plentiful. We downed two each before heading back to dry our clothes.

We found some dryers that still worked. *Seriously, why is Laundry 101 going ghetto? I still go there because there is a lot of young beautiful people who do their laundry and no homeless people trying to steal your underwear, but why do half the machines not work? I pay a premium price for a premium laundry facility, why can’t they repair their shit? So, rant aside, we got the threads spinning and hit the bikes back to the bar.

They had switched the TV to Futurama when we returned and commenced to drink again. It was after my third PDR that I realized the sign for the special read:

PBR 1 for $1.50 or 3 for $5

It even took me a second to do the math, or maybe the PBR was trying to do the calculation. “WAIT A MINUTE!” I thought, you sneaky bastards.

We ordered a large fries, which cost $1.25. It wasn’t heaping, but still a fair amount for the price. They were pretty tasty, and much better than the wavy fries I used to live on at the Paradise.

Beer number 5 down, and our laundry sitting still getting wrinkly, we hit the bikes back to 101. Folding, the most cursed part of laundry was not so bad after 5 beers. I can’t say the same for the quality of my folds.

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