Monday, May 7, 2007

Extreme "LOADED" Makeover!

Oh Ty Pennington. It sure must be hard walking in your shoes. You help so many people. You take those families who are down on their luck and you wave your magical hammer, POOF a brand new house! Entire neighborhoods cheer you on as the family cries and everyone gets hugs, even the three legged dog "Hobbles". They cheer you on, that is, until they get their new property tax evaluation.

You don't want to raise the neighborhoods taxes, you just want to help out those in need. Maybe, if you help real hard, someone might try and help you.

What about Ty?
What about his feelings?
Whose gonna worry about him?

Ole' mister liquor worries about you.
He can help you out, just look for the answers in the bottom of the bottle.

Those lousy cops who booked you don't care.
They only care about the community that you were drunk driving in.

Not you.
You're just a case number and a finger print to them.

It's okay Ty.
I know you can build a bigger house next episode.

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