Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wet Pants

Last night I checked out the MATC portfolio show, after splitting a pitcher of margarita with my roommate at Frida's.

Yes, Monday happy hour = 1/2 price margaritas and appetizers! (and you don't have to deal with Pedro's cliental)

Storm clouds were looming outside and lighting was flashing from across the lake. I decided it would be best to get home now, before having to ride my motorcycle in the rain.

Too late.

It's pretty exciting, and not always in the good way, to ride in the rain. It was a cold April shower, and my balls felt as if they were on ice. Everything was slick, and I tried my best to take things slow, but that didn't stop a fishtail on the downshift. That is when your adrenal gland reminds you that you're still alive, but not for long if you're not careful. I held my shit and pulled out of it okay. The rest of the drive was an extra 5mph slower.

Both balls made it home safe.

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