Monday, April 30, 2007

FINALLY a way to use and share camera phone pics

So I have a camera phone, you have a camera phone, we almost all have camera phones. I've never felt that I've fully gotten my moneys worth on this fancy phone gadget. I have a nice point & shoot, I have a nice SLR, why would I need a camera phone?

Other than taking a picture of a friend to add to their phone number so I can see their obnoxious face while they call me, I've used the lens for little else. Even when I see something cool, and I don't have my real camera on me, I still forget I have one on my camera. I've done the research, and it's a nice little 1.3 mega pixel that shoots surprisingly well. Why don't I use it?

Well the pics are stuck on my phone, that's why! I have no fancy cord to upload them to my computer, and if I did, it would seem a hassle to me anyways.

So here comes

Go to their page, sign up for free, and they give you a unique email address that you add to your phone. Take pictures with your phone, send them to the provided address, and BAM! They post within seconds.

Now harass your friends and invite them to join another online site whose password they will forget as well. All of your friends from can see and share pictures with you. Only your friends can see them, so the rest of the world will have no idea you just had you Steamboat Willy tattooed to the helm of your...

Well you know, check it out, sign up, add me as a friend, and start sharing the luv via 1's & 0's

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