Thursday, April 26, 2007

Losing the BUZZ

We're losing the buzz in this country, and even though it has been in the back of the papers, I don't think most Americans know/care about it.

Bees. The bees have gone AWOL.

Reports all across the nation show that our bee colonies are disappearing. The bees fly out to the fields, and just never come back.

Maybe the workers finally realized that the Queen is really their "slave" and the revolution has been televised. No more working for the Man, I mean Woman, and now it's time for them to go out and live their own lives. I can see them now, hopping trains, hitching rides on the interstate with their little bee back-packs, seeing all this country has to offer.

The sober reality is they all just starve to death without the colony. When the bees die, the crops don't get pollinated and our food supply decreases. According to this NY-Times article, the damn Agriculture Department has no real grasp on the problem due to horrible record keeping of bee colonies.

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Start filling the bomb shelter with honey. It will be the new liquid gold.

(art by Frank Stockton)

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